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To be in the world but not of the world.

via olegpaschenko  - www.deathtotheworld.com

"...This counter culture of Punx is something that a handful of truth seekers can easily identify with, for it is very clear that the world is coming to a close. To be a true punk is to have nothing to do with that element which kills, hurts and causes pain, but to cauterize wounds. To be in the world but not of the world.
In actuality the true ideals of punk have yet to be introduced to the Punx themselves, as does the fulness of their rebellion. These ideals and this philosophy are the world's best kept secret. A secret that has been in the souls of those few lovers of truth ever since the beginning of time. The philosophy of punk has been around for centuries in the hearts and souls of the true Punx ... The Monks.

Monks are those who for thousands of years have rebelled against the corruption of this world by severing all chains binding themselves to the world. They have fled this vain world to live in caves, in holes in the ground, and to dwell in the deserts. To eat maybe once a day or even once a week, to wear the same clothes until they completely fall apart, and to rarely sleep because the cause is more important than the pleasures of this world. In these deprivations and sufferings they would realize one thing: There is no real suffering at all than to not know God.
This is the last true rebellion: To forsake the world and to embrace God alone."